Monthly Archives: June 2012

Steve meets Macca

Hey Jude look, it’s Steve getting back with Macca. Filmed for UK morning show ITV Daybreak which Sir Paul Loves (yeah yeah yeah), shot backstage at The Royal Albert Hall (how many holes does it take to fill that place?). Not filmed Yesterday, but a few months ago. I want to hold his hand. But that would be a bit strange. They say it’s your birthday? Well happy 70th Sir Paul. With love, from me, to you (I’ll stop this now)



New Website! New Showreel! and much more Steve stuff coming soon!

Oh look, it’s that bloke off the telly. As featured on ITV’s Daybreak, Sky News, ITV2 and ITV News. Usually found lurking on red carpet waiting to pounce, or following bands backstage to find out what colour M&Ms they prefer to munch on. He presents, he reports, he produces, he writes. And if you ask him nicely he may even sing you a song on his ukulele. A useful instrument as its tiny, and therefore makes him look a lot bigger in real life.