Monthly Archives: October 2013

Steve on Sky

Steve’s now one of the regular faces back on his old stomping ground Sky News, and their breakfast show Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes. He’s returned to feature on their daily Newspaper Review section, where he dissects the day’s stories. And occasionally casually flicks through the Financial Times in a quest to prove his intelligence.




Steve stands too close to Sting

Steve’s been a busy bee having his collar felt by a member of The Police. Sting has a new album out about his childhood growing up near Newcastle, where he actually sings in his native brogue for the first time ever. They sat down for Australian breakfast show Sunrise on Channel 7 to talk about his career, getting old, jazz hands and the inspiration for new record. And why waste a perfectly good opportunity then to teach the people of Australia to a quick lesson in how to speak Geordie.

Hello Baby – a right Royal Report

Here’s Steve’s report he wrote and presented for Australian Weekend Sunrise shortly after the birth of the Royal bundle of joy. Steve travelled to Bucklebury to see how the residents of the sleepy country village were getting used to life in the spotlight. And he landed the big exclusive they all wanted: an interview with a local horse outside a pub.

Warning: Contains many pints of delicious looking real ale – do not watch if thirsty.