Steve stands too close to Sting

Steve’s been a busy bee having his collar felt by a member of The Police. Sting has a new album out about his childhood growing up near Newcastle, where he actually sings in his native brogue for the first time ever. They sat down for Australian breakfast show Sunrise on Channel 7 to talk about his career, getting old, jazz hands and the inspiration for new record. And why waste a perfectly good opportunity then to teach the people of Australia to a quick lesson in how to speak Geordie.


Hello Baby – a right Royal Report

Here’s Steve’s report he wrote and presented for Australian Weekend Sunrise shortly after the birth of the Royal bundle of joy. Steve travelled to Bucklebury to see how the residents of the sleepy country village were getting used to life in the spotlight. And he landed the big exclusive they all wanted: an interview with a local horse outside a pub.

Warning: Contains many pints of delicious looking real ale – do not watch if thirsty.

Born To Be Wilde

Steve & Kim & Ukulele

Steve’s been busy in his role as UK Correspondent for Australia’s Channel 7. This week he was invited to visit the home of 80’s pop legend Kim Wilde to film an exclusive feature for the popular Weekend Sunrise, and then he popped up live on the show to talk about the experience (there was an awful lot of pop going on in that last sentence). Big thanks to Kim, and her very cute dog too!

You can watch the fun final piece in full here WARNING: CONTAINS GARDENING AND SOME BAD UKULELE PLAYING

Steve reports on the Royals on Australian TV

Steve shifted his crown jewels into place and showed his energetic take on Royal news for the hugely popular Australian entertainment daily The Morning Show chatting about Prince Harry’s blossoming relationship, Prince William’s spurned kiss from a Princess, and Pippa’s Ping Pong challenge to Boris.


Steve on The Morning Show

Steve’s Bean-stalking the stars again

Steve climbed up the beanstalk and sat down with Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Nic Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson and Bryan Singer – the stars and director of the new special effects blockbuster Jack The Giant Slayer, which is based on the fairytale Jack And The Beanstalk. This interview was recorded for Australian breakfast TV show Sunrise on Channel 7. Sadly the discussion about Stanley Tucci’s favourite bean was left on the cutting room floor (it was a cannellini bean for all you bean fans reading this)

Steve welcomes in 2013 on Sunrise

Steve stepped into the future to kick off 2013 on Australian Breakfast Show Sunrise, while still sat in boring old 2012 in London, chatting about the fireworks that were about to explode behind him, and trying not to snigger at the chat around him about balls dropping in New York. You can see him chatting in the clip below.

Steve Presents At The British Independent Film Awards

Steve was chosen to be official presenter for the 15th British Independent Film Awards (aka the BIFAs) at Old Billingsgate, interviewing the nominees and winners including his twin Jude Law and Sir Michael Gambon. Here he is looking like he’s trying to be a member of the Rat Pack and burst into song on the Red Carpet.

Steve on the BIFA Red Carpet

Steve also produced and co-edited BIFA’s in house film of the evening, which can be seen here on youtube, and also on the official BIFA website